Flipped Class Room


Learning Objective: Student will be able to

  1. Use For loop in C Programs.
  2. Use of While Loop in C programs
  3. Use of Do-While Loop in C Programs


Learning Objective Assessment Strategy Expected duration

(in min)

Additional Instructions (if any)
Use For loop in C Programs. Write a Program to display of given number( e.g. table of 2 is: 2,4,6,…10) 10 Watch video of For loop , Solve the assignment & Submit your program in In Class activity Assignment week 2 of Moodel Course  before coming to class.  Click Here for submission (LoginID: student , Passwd: student@geca)
Use of While Loop in C programs Write a program to reverse the digits of a given number (e.g input: 12345  output will be 54321) 15
Use of Do-While Loop in C Programs Write a program to find total bill of a customer who purchases some items from a shopping mall.(It is compulsory to purchase at least one item) 15



Learning Objective:

Student will be able to

  • Use nesting of iterative loops in real world problems

Active Learning activity:

Real World Problem Solving using

  • Think -Pair-Share

Concept clarification using

  • Peer Instruction


Peer Instruction Strategy – What Teacher Does

Poses the question at the start of the class.

  1. Consider a student of which total marks of each semester is to be calculated. Total no. of subjects the student is appearing for is not same as it is CBCS system. There are total eight semesters and 40 subjects. Use C Program to calculate Final marks of a student.

Think : Helps students in understanding problem. Answers the related queries if any.

Pair: Give instruction for team building. Moves around the class while discussion carries out.

Share: Chooses Team. Coordinates in finding more appropriate answer.

Peer Instruction Strategy – What Student Does


Individually each student will think on the problem statement and write algorithm based on his observation.


Work in Team of 3 to 4 students. Discuss among team members, compare their solutions and write a concluding program on paper or Laptop.

Teacher will move around and coordinate the activity.


Randomly teacher asks to some Teams to share their solution with the class.